Philosophy Essay!! (Philosophy Experts ONLY) Due by Tomorrow

Question: Utiliizing the theory of Dialectical Historical Materialism explain how this obituary could have been written. You must use at least 10 definitions from your notes to develop your argument as to the underlying circumstances that led the author to his conclusions. Your answer should be between 4 and 5 pages in length.


*You MUST use my notes below with an attached file.




1. The mode of production breaks into 2 parts









(1) Social Relations of production is defined as the necessary organization of society in order for a particular mode of production to exist






(2) The social forces of production – a level of technology that is society has edi disposal in order to create a mode of production


2. Animism –  is the spiritualization of natural phenomenon. The belief that behind every natural objects their hides or visible mental force. It’s tendency to personalizing natural world had consequences. Primitive animism  was the basis of religion and later…



3. Social production existence – Is the level of technology that society has deposal in order for in particular modes of exist


4. Materialism VS Idealism – Philosophy can be divided into two major directions of thought. Our human beings have senses (eg. smell, touch, taste, vision, and hear). Basically all these senses go to brain and form an “image”


The question is “is these really something outside and seperate from our mind?” 


Materialism: yes, not only by our senses, but also through science and instruments, we can know about this object, that is seperate from our mind. The objective world consists of what is called “matter”. Also, it tells that your mind is a product and part of the world. 


Idealism: No, there is no such thing as an outside, objective world. The world takes places entirely within our mind. Outside of that, nothing is exist. The world is a product of and is really just inside your mind


Materialism: Explains that what causes our existance

Idealism: tells us that only world is your world that goes on in your head


Materialism: refers to the nature of reality, regardless of the existence of mankind. It states that matter is the essence of reality. Therefore, everything comes from matter. According to materialism, matter produces mind and mind never exist apart from matter. Mind is the highest product of material development and the most complex from of human activity. 


5. Philosophical Materialism


1. Nature is objective 2. Nater has laws


Nature <———–> human

     (mode of production)


6. Dialectial Historical Materialism: sees in a development of the material goods neccessary to human existence. The primary force which determines all social life and which conditions transition from one mode of production to another 


7. The growth of human power over nature finds : Quantitive change: is inperceptival to the human experience 

                                                                                         Qualitative change: is perceptival to the human experience which allows for technology development


8.  6 reaons 


1. This group of people come from an agriculture background

2. They have a limited numbers to satisfiy demands

3. You could own them for life

4. You could own their children as well

5. You can’t appeal to government

6. The color of their skin is easy to mark off (easy to tell who’s slave or not)






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